Berry Court British Charcoal

Why buying British Charcoal makes sense

Over 90% of all charcoal consumed in this country comes from overseas. Predominately the endangered tropical rainforest and mangrove habitats of South America, West Africa and South East Asia. In addition to the damage caused by unsustainable illegal logging practices there is the negative environmental impact arising from the consumption of fossil fuels transporting charcoal around the world.

There is a truly superior product:

British Charcoal

British charcoal made in Berry Court Wood is not only the sound environmental option but is also a high grade fuel. With carbon content as high as 90% compared with only 60% in many imported varieties, charcoal produced from British hard-woods is unsurpassed in its burning characteristics, with far fewer impurities.

  • Easy Lighting
    Dispensing the need for lighter fuel and fire-lighters.
  • Reaches cooking time quickly
    Approximately 15mins
  • Burns cleanly
    No unpleasant fumes or smoke from half burnt wood
  • Leaves only ash
    Uniformity of burn
  • High Purity
    Charcoal is lighter than wood so same mass has greater volume. Product goes further and is therefore cheaper.

Why promote British Charcoal?

Dawn at Berry Court Wood A beautiful managed English woodland

Much of the woodland in the UK is semi-natural woodland and benefits from being managed. Many small woodlands are under managed, so coppicing producing firewood and charcoal can help rekindle traditional woodland management to the benefit of trees, wildlife and the owners.
Continued neglect is not an option.


Freshly coppiced woodland ride

Bringing coppiced woodlands back into rotation encourages a greater diversity of flora and fauna.

Cutting woods opens up woodlands, letting in light for flowers, insects, birds, and small mammals.

Seasoned logs prior to bake

Berry Court Wood is a semi-ancient woodland. All wood extracted is harvested in a completely sustainable manner, allowing us to rely upon this wonderful natural resource indefinitely.

Charcoal burning process

Seasoned logs, which are a by-product of the coppicing process, are stacked into a retort ready for transformation into charcoal.

A fire is lit beneath the retort; moisture is driven off first, then excess gases are ignited, baking the logs at a very high temperature to convert them to fully carbonised charcoal.

Completed product


Completed product


Coppiced logs are transformed into a high quality, pure, sustainable charcoal which will enhance your barbeque experience.

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